Sunday, July 9, 2017


Place Information For Salon Self Guided

[The first door on the right is a temporary exhibit space which is only open to the public when there is an exhibit installed. During the Schuyler's time, this would have been an additional bedchamber, but changes made to the home over the 19th-Century - including the addition of the servant's staircase seen here - has led modern historians not to interpret this space with historic furnishings]

With the Stairs at Your Back:

The first door on your left is the Blue Chamber

The second door on your left is the Yellow Chamber

The second door on your right is the Green Chamber

Going downstairs will bring you to the Back Hall

Other Rooms:

Central Hall (Downstairs)

Library (Downstairs)

Dining Chamber (Downstairs)

Formal Parlor (Downstairs)

Family Parlor (Downstairs)

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